We are the ONLY outfitter dedicated to quail hunting in far West Texas.  Upland game-birds have always been our passion, and if you're interested in chasing quail in far West Texas, we'd love to spend some time hunting with you.  Due to their running nature, combined with the rough mountainous terrain in which they live, scaled quail are undoubtedly one of the toughest upland game-birds to hunt.  Here are a few things to consider, and some reasons why we think you should come hunting with us: 


1 - We specialize in catering to the adventure hunter - the hunter who enjoys long walks after 100 % wild quail in some of the most breathtaking scenery on offer. 

2 - These birds run, the terrain is rugged, and covering distances of 8-12 miles by foot each day is the norm.  However, those dedicated to the hunt can be expected to be rewarded with great birds, stories, and memories to last a lifetime.   


3 - This is not a preserve hunt, all your birds will be earned, but they will be appreciated and valued because you had to work for them.


4 - Our seasoned pointers have pointed and retrieved 1000's of birds. 

5 - We currently have access to +150,000 acres of private land available to hunt.​

6 - Our preferred group size is a maximum of 3 hunters per guide.  This allows all hunters to be in the right place at the right time over our pointing dogs.  We can however accommodate groups of up to 6 hunters by special request.


7 - We limit the number of hunting groups during the season.  This restricts the number of groups hunting each of our leases to no more than 6.  Each ranch is rested for approximately 3 weeks between hunting.  Furthermore, due to the size of our leases, it is very rare that we hunt the same area more than twice in a given season.  This rotation ensures our coveys remain remain unpressured.