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What to Know Before You Come...


What gauge & shot size should I use?

Gauge is not as important as shot size. We recommend using #6 lead shot or equivalent  through improved cylinder or modified chokes. 


Do I need a Hunting License?

Yes! Even though we will be hunting on private land, Texas law requires you to have a valid Texas Hunting License at the time of your hunt.


Can I bring my own dogs?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to bring their own dogs, because let's be honest... there is nothing like hunting over your own dog. 

However, aggressive dogs or those that chase livestock or non-target game will be asked to kennel their dogs. 


What shoes should I wear?

Since we are a 100% wild bird operation, you can expect to walk between 8 - 12 miles for a full day hunt. We are in mountainous desert landscapes, so high quality, thick soled boots, preferably with ankle support are recommended. 


Will I be hunting with other groups?

No. We do not double book our hunts. Your group will be the only group with your guide on the Ranch for the duration of your hunt. 


Where should I stay?

Our leases are spread from Van Horn, TX to Marathon, TX. At the time of booking we will make a recommendation for you to stay in one of the hotels in the town closest to the Ranch we will be hunting. 

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