Ryan O'Shaughnessy, Ph.D., MBA.

Founder of West Texas Quail Outfitters

Outside of the regular quail season, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resource Management at Sul Ross State University.  As a research biologist, I believe that hunting can contribute substantially to the conservation and preservation of our quail.  We try to ensure ethical and responsible hunting practices are followed at all times.  I conduct quail surveys each year on the quail leases we have.  Optimally, we aim to not harvest more than 20% of the quail on each property.  We do not harvest any birds from coveys with fewer than 10 birds.  By so doing, we are able to maintain healthy populations of quail, and ensure each covey receives very little pressure throughout the season.  We also try to avoid hunting from trucks, UTV's, or ATV's.  While we acknowledge that in certain cases a truck, UTV, or ATV is necessary (elderly or disabled hunters), we generally prefer to walk behind pointing dogs.  We feel this both enhances the experience for the hunter, and results in less overall harvest pressure on the quail. 


I like to think of upland bird hunting as 'the gentlemans' game'.  I see quail hunting as the preserve of the double gun, a place for side-by-sides and over-and-unders to call home.  Quail hunting is a place to get away from the camouflage of the duck and deer blinds, a place to wear your quail vest and stroll behind pointing dogs while conversing with good friends.  There's nothing better than enjoying a great day of hunting and relaxing at sunset with a glass of whiskey and a fine cigar.

Joshua Cross, M.S.

Lead Guide

My name is Joshua Cross, and I am blessed to call Alpine my hometown. I grew up on a ranch in this area and have spent most of my adult life guiding big game hunts on this beautiful landscape, but thanks to WTQO I have fallen in love with hunting quail over pointing dogs. I work with Ryan at the Borderlands Research Institute, where I am a Research Associate with the Upland Gamebird Ecology program. It is a great privilege to work with an organization that holds high the same values I do: approach hunting with a conservative management mindset, and strive to preserve and respect the wild quail populations. 


The pursuit of scaled quail has opened my eyes to the tremendous value in spending a day strolling behind well trained dogs, and enjoying the company of the class of hunters that quail hunting attracts. I have worked with WTQO since 2017, and I can’t imagine working with a better organization, or experiencing a more pleasurable hunt. Hunting scaled quail in this rugged terrain can be a humbling experience, and has helped me realize that every harvested bird is hard-earned gift.


We want you to have a great experience, not just a great hunt!  We are passionate about what we do!  We aim to be the premier boutique quail outfitter in west Texas.  Our main goal is for all of our guests to leave west Texas with an experience they'll never forget. We are committed to providing guests with a comfortable, relaxed, and successful hunting experience.  With over 25 years of involvement in the safari industry in Botswana, we have both the experience and the expertise to make your hunting experience one to remember.  As such, we try to always conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism, character, and pride in everything we do.

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